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The ripstop liner in my new Big Shrimpy bed makes the bed “balloon” with air. What can I do about this?

If you are finding that your bed “balloons” during initial use, we recommend that you open the zipper a bit on both the ripstop nylon cushion and outer cover. This will help the air escape. Another option is to remove some fiber from the inner pillow and put it back in after the bed has settled. Generally the bed will settle down in a few weeks. Please note that the ballooning results from intentional design features that help extend the lifespan of the bed. The ripstop nylon is water-resistant, protecting the inner fiber from moisture or a leaky dog. The substantial amount of stuffing we put in gives your dog more cushioning over the long run. If the “ballooning” has not settled down after a few weeks of these modifications, please contact us.

Can I buy Big Shrimpy products online?

Yes, you can purchase our products from one of our online dealers.

Where can I buy component parts for my Big Shrimpy bed?

Please contact any retail or online store to purchase our bed components. If they do not have replacement parts on-hand or for whatever reason are not able to order them for you, please contact us and we will take care of you.

What size pet bed or crate pad should I buy?

The best product size is determined by the size of your dog or cat. Also think about whether your pet tends to sleep curled up or stretched out. Please see our comparison chart to help you make this decision.

What fabrics are available?

Our Original, Nest, and Catalina Classic beds are offered in polyester faux suede. Landing Pads and Drift pads are also offered in faux suede. Bogo and Catalina Plush beds and Den pocket beds are made with a combination of polyester faux suede and polyester Berber fleece (the Den is also available in an all-fleece version). Please refer to the detailed product pages for colors available for each product.

Does the fleece sleeping surface collect more hair than the suede?

There are many ideas on this and we have not done any scientific studies. It is our opinion that they both collect hair about the same, but our suede products seem easier to clean with a lint roller. Of course, the amount of hair depends on the dog too.

Can Big Shrimpy custom-make a bed for me?

We’re sorry, we do not offer that service.

Where are Big Shrimpy products made?

Our products are made in the USA and overseas. Please go to our Sourcing page for more information.

Does Big Shrimpy warranty its products?

We warranty all of our products. Warranty policy

Are Big Shrimpy beds waterproof?

We don’t claim that our beds are waterproof because the seams are not taped as you would find in a technical jacket or other high-end outdoor gear. We do use fabrics that are water-resistant in our Original and Nest beds.

Of course, if a Big Shrimpy bed gets a significant amount of liquid on it, we recommend that the wet portions of the bed be dried as soon as possible.

Can a Big Shrimpy products be used outside?

Our Original beds and Landing Pads are particularly good for outside use because their 420 denier nylon bases do not easily pick up dirt. If they do get dirty, they are easy to take apart for washing and drying. Naturally, the user should be careful of things like a nail sticking up from a deck, a rogue marshmallow stick, and other sharp objects.

Please note that our beds are not intended to be left outside over extended periods or in severe weather.

Are Big Shrimpy beds chew-proof?

Nope. If a dog (or cat) wants to chew a bed he or she will. Be wary of claims of a chew-proof bed. We haven’t found a fabric that can withstand chewing by the persistent pup.

Can I buy a cover, or any other Big Shrimpy bed part?

Original, Nest, and Bogo bed covers, empty inner liners, and filled inner liners are all available for purchase separately. Please note that for the Nest bed, components are only available as bolster/cushion sets. Landing Pad outer covers and cushions are also available for purchase separately.

Can I buy SmartFill separately?

Yes, our online dealers sell SmartFill in 5-pound bags. A 5-pound bag is enough to fill a medium Original bed.

Can I wash Big Shrimpy products?

Yes, you can wash every component of all our products. Please see our washing and drying instructions.

What is SmartFill?

SmartFill is Big Shrimpys 100% recycled, machine washable and dryable, polyester-fiber filling. More…

Can I wash SmartFill?

Yes you can! SmartFill and every other component of a Big Shrimpy bed can be machine washed and dried. We recommend using one of our Wash & Dry bags to launder SmartFill. Please see our washing and drying instructions.

Why doesn’t Big Shrimpy still fill beds with fleece scraps?

Prior to 2007, Big Shrimpy filled its beds with polyester fleece scraps. These fleece scraps were remnant pieces cut from clothing patterns. As outdoor clothing moved to more technical fabrics, the supply of fluffy fleece scraps diminished greatly. The situation led us to develop SmartFill, now used in Big Shrimpy Original, Nest, Bogo, and Catalina beds.

My bed is filled with fleece scraps. Are the fleece scraps washable?

Yes, the fleece scraps are machine washable and dryable, just like our SmartFill. Please see our washing and drying instructions. They are recyclable too!

Does Big Shrimpy use recycled materials in its products?

Yes. The Original, Nest, Catalina, and Bogo beds are all filled with recycled fiber (SmartFill).  The grey fabric that makes up the exterior of the Landing Pad cushion is also composed of recycled material.

Are Big Shrimpy products recyclable?

Big Shrimpy offers customers the opportunity to participate in its Full Circle® recycling program. Customers may recycle any Big Shrimpy product ever purchased. Please see our recycling instructions.

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